Looking down at the old flyer that brought you to here it reads, "Deadly-City, a city for that has YOU in mind. here in Deadly-city we say NO to corruption, by having free and fair elections every 2 years, NO to crime, we have reached out to the community to help tackle crime. YES to jobs, we promise to create 10% more jobs every year, YES to a brighter future". That was 10 years ago when Mayor Dogg was elected, after that the city went down hill, jobs became scarce so the people took to crime to feed there habits. The people of the city rebeled against the tyrannical leadership of Mayor Dogg only to be brutaly put down by the corrupt police Department. All has changed in the city... screams and gunshots are just a background noise these days. you pass one of the police checkpoints thinking 'I'm here now, time to see what im made of...

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Riddle me this: What has 4 eyes but cant see? Prize: 30 days donator status Message jay-dogg with your answer.
February 10 2017, 1:30:28 pm
tigersden21 [7470]

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